Solar at Mimosa Hall

Friends of Mimosa Hall & Gardens has been working with the City of Roswell and Cadmus Construction to make Mimosa Hall the oldest Net Zero building in the United States. See below for more information.

The importance of solar energy

Solar energy is immensely important. Mimosa Hall’s new integrated alternative energy system will provide the following environmental benefits:

●    29,000 kWh of energy annually

●    29 solar renewable energy credits annually

●    582 MHh over 20 years

Every year, the clean energy produced by Mimosa Hall alone is equivalent to:    

●    Planting 1,270 mature trees

●    Removing 6 Cars/Trucks from the road

●    Removing 1,962 lbs of SOx [acid rain]

●    Removing 55 lbs of NOx [smog]

●    Removing 61 Tons of CO2 [Green House Gases]

Listen to a 90-second clip featuring board member Steve Gibson on Yale Climate Connections.

Please consider supporting this groundbreaking project by making a donation to Friends of Mimosa Hall & Gardens. Thank you!