Mimosa Phoenix Circle

Thank you to the these Mimosa Phoenix Circle members for their generous support.

Ron & Karen Bevan

Brad & Heather Brown

Jane Brown

Sandy Buhler

Todd & Kelly Callen

John & Leslie Carruth

Simone du Boise & Denise Donahue

Dutch & Kathy Earle

Scott Fillian

Steve & Tiffany Gibson

Bob Hagan

Mike Harris

Kurt & Jennifer Hilbert

Scott Hitch

Diantha Horton

Ron & Liz Jackson

Bob & Beth St. Jean

Marty & Philips Johnson

Laura Keck

Tracy Long

Donna M. Malloy

William G. Malloy

Didier & Tish Martin

Annelies McMorran

Ashok & Shelley Nagrani

Jennifer Phillippi

Rachel Platt

Brett & Caroline Player

Norman & Renee Shirley

Chuck & Alyssa Staley

John & Catherine Stunda

Katherine Morlock-Troline

LW Tucker

Pat Tucker

The Mimosa Phoenix Circle consists of donors giving $1,000 or more. These gifts will concentrate on the following areas:

  • Solar power - Mimosa Hall (c. 1841) will be the oldest Net Zero building in the United States!

  • Restoration of the grounds - the Neel Reid gardens (c. 1918) will be revitalized and opened to the public.

  • Preservation of the house - necessary repairs will help ensure that the house will remain enjoyable for generations to come.